Auburn Public Theater

A presenting and production company offering plays, comedy, fine arts shows, dance, film, musical talent and regional events. The space includes a café, art gallery, black box theater and cinema.

Cayuga Museum of History & Art

Housed in the Willard-Case mansion (built in 1836), the museum offers permanent and changing exhibits on local figures, events and items pertinent to the development of Cayuga County. The Case Research Lab located on the property, is the site where the first commercially successful system of sound film was invented in 1923.

Fort Hill Cemetery

Set on a hill overlooking Auburn, this land was the site of Native American burial mounds dating back to 1100 AD. Gravesites include those of William Seward, Harriet Tubman, suffragette Martha Coffin Wright, and Myles Keogh, who fought with General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Harriet Tubman Home

After the war and numerous trips south, to rescue family members and slaves Tubman settled in Auburn and started a home for aged blacks, which visitors now tour.

Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center

The Art Center features changing exhibits of local, regional, national and international fine art, photography, sculpture, mixed media and fiber arts. Classes, workshops and lectures offered for all ages.

Seward House Museum

Take a guided tour through the former home of William H. Seward, Secretary of State to President Lincoln, who had the extraordinary vision to purchase Alaska from Russia, thought by many to be ‘Seward’s Folly.’

Willard Memorial Chapel

See an unparalleled example of Tiffany’s work in various medium including 14 opalescent windows, a rose window, a large figure window, nine Mooresque-styled chandeliers, memorial tablets of glass mosaic tile and gilt bronze, furnishings of oak inlaid with metal and glass mosaic, a ceiling with gold leaf stencils and mosaic flooring.

The Seward House Museum

The Seward House Museum

Did you know?

The Seward House, located in Auburn, was once the home of William H. Seward, co-founder of the Republican Party, Secretary of State to Presidents Lincoln and Johnson, and a leading figure in the purchase of Alaska (Seward’s Folly).
Visitors can enjoy a tour through 17 rooms
of original furnishings.